an announcement


Hi all!

As you may know, Matthew and I are getting married (yay! 🤵) and, after some thinking, we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to spread the love.

Instead of having a big ceremony or reception (aside from us saying something like ‘I do’ in front of a registrar and our parents) we will be using the money that would have gone towards a wedding on a volunteering trip at an elephant care facility  and an orangutan/wildlife rescue centre. 

We are also asking that, instead of gifts/other wedding-y expenses, our friends and family donate to some of the charities and causes that are not only close to us, but to the people that we love.

These two are particularly important to us:

💜 Our kind, funny, lovely friend, Hannah, has been struggling with her health, and against the US healthcare system, and is raising money to help pay for her medical expenses. Please donate anything you can to help her:…

💜 Because we are have chosen each other to spend the rest of our lives with, we want to raise awareness for those who have no choices. We have created a fundraising page for A21 to help victims of human trafficking and abolish slave trading. Donate here:…/holly-garrow/holly-and-matthews-weddin…

These are a few other amazing causes we would love for you to contribute to:

 Many of our friends and family have battled against Crohn’s Disease, donate here to fund research and support:

 The generous and joyous Maddie has done some incredible fundraising for Charity: Water, but we can always do more. Donate here and 100% of your donation will help create more access to clean water:

 The RSPB, along with the hard work and support of the awesome Becky, are contributing to the welfare of wild birds and environmental conservation. You can too:…/make-a-donation-…/make-a-donation/

 My parents are frequently taking part in races and marathons to raise money for so many different charities. Check back for links to their latest fundraising pages.

 and hey, we love books, help us spread the joy of reading to those who lack resources:

🌳🌳 We will ALSO plant a tree for each and every donation made to any of the above before our wedding date (message me a screenshot of your donation by July 2019)! So if you donate to three of these charities, even if it’s just £1 each, we will plant three trees in your honour! 🌳🌳

If you are currently fundraising, involved in a charity, or have a cause that is close to your heart, please send me a message and I’ll update this list!

Thank you so much for your support and generosity. We love you all so much!

Holly & Matthew

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