book review – Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

I’ll always be a proud Harry Potter girl, but I’m jealous of children who are going to grow up with Morrigan Crow and this instant classic of a series.

It’s not that Jessica Townsend’s debut novel is particularly similar to the HP series,  or Alice in Wonderland, or the world of Roald Dahl – but it does capture the same kind of magic and sensation. It’s imaginative and colourful, it’s gothic and mysterious. Weird and dreamy and whimsical and, dare I say it, wundrous.
(that’s a Nevermoor pun.)

Morrigan Crow is a cursed child, blamed for every minuscule incident and weather abnormality, and destined to die on her eleventh birthday.
But, with the help of an enigmatic, ginger-haired eccentric, she escapes her fate and finds herself in the magical world of Nevermoor.

Jupiter North chooses Morrigan to face four dangerous and highly competitive trials in order to be accepted into the Wundrous Society. If she fails, she’ll have to leave Nevermoor, never again to walk the halls of the magic hotel, or converse with the Magnificat or vampire dwarf, and return to her fatal destiny. The only problem is that all competitors must have a knack, a special magical gift. And Morrigan Crow has none.

The book has a perfect mix of originality and familiarity, with many unique and exciting spectacles grounded in realism. The characters and their dynamics are vivid and engaging, and above all, Morrigan Crow is an excellent heroine.

Between all the magic, mystery, and the entertaining plot, the story explores so many powerful themes; self-worth, self-belief, friendship, belonging, courage…

It really is a fantastic book, and a brilliant start to a series that I will be impatiently waiting to devour.



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