poetry – who said roses are red?

‘Shall we play cards?’

I asked the Red Queen.

Red like her hair,

Like the blood in my cheeks and the twist of her lips.

‘I prefer chess,’

She told me sweetly,

‘First move is yours, now, let the game start.’


I loved and was loved, and they called me

Queen of Hearts.

I had a garden of white roses, a King with green eyes,

A Red Queen in my ear.

The ice to my fire,

She told me how to rule;

Rule absolute, cold, and cruelly.


Entranced by the tales she spun,

I let her turn my passion to rage,

And she stole away my mercy.

The King that loved me,

I took off his head.

His green eyes turned to glass,

And she smiled like she had won


She told me, ‘In the end,

There is only one Queen

Surrounded by graves, but, the game is won.’

And I saw my shattered kingdom,

The hearts she let me break,

And my garden specked with blood,

And I killed her, my last friend.


Yes, she painted my roses red,

Lest I forget her.

Red like her hair, my blood, her lips.

They called me Queen of Hearts, but I had none,

Only flame,

And blind fury,

And a garden of the dead.




A poem by Holly E. E. Garrow 

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