Last year I was so, so lucky to be mentored by the wonderful Kirsty Logan through the WoMentoring project. It was such a special experience and it just so happens that Kirsty is now looking for new mentees!

WoMentoring is all about exceptional women supporting exceptional women. Where successful literary women help out women with writing aspirations – and is there really anything better than some girl-on-girl encouragement? It’s an incredible project and all of the women involved deserve so much gratitude. Did I also mention that it’s absolutely free?

I applied after a friend of mine sent me the link to the website because she knew how much I love Kirsty Logan’s writing and I was quite literally skipping with joy when I got an e-mail from her saying I’d been chosen as her mentee!
For most mentors, about 3 sessions are arranged which can be face-to-face, skype, emails, you choose! You can also spread them out as much as you want. Personally, I was so excited to soak up all the advice that I arranged the sessions monthly.

Kirsty is so helpful and lovely. As a pretty new writer, I needed help with, well, pretty much everything! Kirsty gave me amazingly helpful exercises to try out to help get my writing started or shake up perspective, read through my work to help me improve it and answered all of my questions about writing, routine, publishing, agents…

By the end of our sessions, I was far more focused on my work, my writing and editing had improved, and I was more confident than ever in my chosen path.

The application is simple, I submitted an extract of my most recent NaNoWriMo and then a cover letter explaining why I’d benefit from mentoring. Simple, but I recommend taking the time to really work on it!

If you’re dreaming of being a writer and really need a helping hand, I can’t recommend this enough!

And wherever you are in your writing, Kirsty offers mentoring, editing, and wonderful advice. Check it all out here.

And You can check out the work of some of her incredibly talented recent mentees on her blog here!

Thank you WoMentoring, and thank you Kirsty Logan!

happy reading!


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