music : Chocolate Digestives (and le Berceuse de Champignons)

Here’s something a little different today!

Recently I’ve gotten back into music composition, something I find both amazingly fun and crazy difficult! The last time I finished any composition that I was happy with was a very, very long time ago. Maybe 2009, 2010? Yep!

My method of composing is a lot like my method of writing, which involves a hell of a lot of procrastination. In fact, throwing myself into the music is really just a procrastination from writing.

But anyway, I thought I’d share those long-ago pieces here.

This first one is something a I wrote for my wonderful friend, Rowena. You might be thinking that the title is a bit weird, but that’s how friends are; full of weird inside jokes and references. Although, I have to say, I’m not sure I remember why mushrooms. 

So here it is. Pop some tea on, get your chocolate digestives, listen as you read something lovely.


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