ink on paper

There is something so irresistible about a blank page, but a whole book of them bound together? Mmm.

I am guilty of buying 5 new notebooks for every one blank page I have the courage to spoil with ink. Every time I think to myself ‘these are the pages on which I will write my masterpiece.’ I see montages of myself carrying it everywhere, every page covered in beautifully handwritten words and illustrations, the notebook sitting in a museum under protective glass hundreds of years in the future.

When I re-read the hasty notes scribbled in the first ten pages of every notebook, I shudder at the notion of others getting a glimpse of them!

So, anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places to buy notebooks



I bought this Ohh Deer notebook in a little shop in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket and the first thing I did when I got home was look up the company! Described by themselves as ‘quirky’, Ohh Deer have so many products designed by various illustrators who they are keen to support and showcase. Fun, beautiful, creative, they are definitely worth checking out!



Scaramanga is a lovely independent store based in Fife. I highly recommend visiting the store because it is so beautiful. Most of their products are sourced and handmade in India and the notebooks are to die for. You can get notebooks in a gorgeous distressed leather that makes it look old, unique and loved or brightly coloured notebooks made from sari materials. Prices vary depending on size and materials but they are definitely affordable and worth every penny!
It’s also worth asking the staff if they plan on selling any samples or ‘seconds’  – my favourite notebook is a sample that they had designed but they don’t actually stock.


Just look at the gorgeous paper! It’s handmade and every page is unique



Paperchase is my old reliable. They always have a big selection and the themes and designs change all the time so there’s almost always something new (which means I never leave a store without buying something!) They usually cost about £8-10 and you will be tempted to buy matching pens and stickers!

The paper feels lovely and smooth and smells wonderful.


happy reading, happy writing!

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