Bookshop Tours : Voltaire and Rousseau

Somewhere on the wide world of the web (probably somewhere good for procrastinating like Buzzfeed) I found this list of top bookshops to check out and on it was Voltaire and Rousseau in Glasgow. It’s a small space brimming with old, second-hand books of various categories.


At first all I could think was ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’. The smell of thousands of old pages, towers upon towers of books. It’s just beautiful.



If you have a good long time then I recommend spending it rifling through the towers upon towers of books available.

If you are looking for a specific book then I would advise not looking here. I imagine that pirates have buried their treasure here, because they know it will be very well concealed.



The books were all very inexpensive, those we looked at ranged from just £1-£5, so you could very easily spend all of your wages here and come out with enough books to fill the seven seas.

Happy reading!

Holly x

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